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Navy Yard Wins Curbed Cup 2013; The Year in Curbed

All the latest news from Curbed DC...

CURBED CUP — After a close and heated competition with Brookland, Navy Yard won the 2013 Curbed Cup. Here are a few properties for sale in this year's Neighborhood of the Year.

YEAR IN CURBED — What were the most interesting stories of 2013? Here's what happened in celebrity real estate, neighborhood beefs and controversies and very expensive properties.

ARLINGTON — This historic 1920s Sears home is being given away for free...if you can afford to move it.


WATERFRONT — After a delay of about a month, Sky House's East Building is now open.

DUPONT CIRCLE — A Kickstarter project has gone live so that Indian grocery store Pansaari can open in the old Club Chaos spot.