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Smashburger, Bidwell, New Town Kitchen Opening

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Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

[Photos: Missy Frederick/]

1) Falls Church: Smashburger #6 for the D.C. region is here. The Falls Church location (located on Lee Highway in the same shopping center as Meat in a Box) opens today. They've added additional parking to the shopping center to accommodate new customers. Smashburger's menus tend to be the same at each location, though they add a special burger for certain regions (D.C.'s Capital Burger has a brioche bun, Swiss cheese and bacon). Fun fact gleaned from the event's press preview: the chain has a "secret" menu where customers can order such items as fried pickles and the breakfast-themed Vegas burger. Expect burgers, chicken sandwiches, salads and shakes from Smashburger. Status: Opening today. 308 S. Washington St., Falls Church, Va.; website.

2) Northeast: Union Market's first full-scale, sit-down restaurant opens today. Bidwell is the brainchild of New York chef John Mooney. He's serving up an eclectic mix of items, including fried deviled eggs, lamb chops, lobster tacos, patty melt-style burgers and more. Once warmer weather hits, Mooney will grow the produce and herbs for his restaurant on the roof of Union Market. Here are a few more fun facts. Status: Opening today. 1309 5th St. NE; website.

3) U Street: Tabaq Bistro replacement New Town Kitchen + Bar opened earlier this month. The owner sends word that the lounge is open Tuesday through Sunday for happy hour, dinner and late night dancing on the weekends. There's a glass terrace rooftop bar. According to Facebook, some of the restaurant's dishes are shrimp and grits, seared scallops and more. There is also bottle service. Status: Certified open. 1336 U St. NW; website.


308 S. Washington St., Falls Church, Va