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G's Customers Really Like Asian-Inspired Sandwiches

Jonah Kim's Kim-Fil-A is the latest success story.

The Kim-Fil-A at G.
The Kim-Fil-A at G.
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Mike Isabella's G Sandwich has been creating a friendly rivalry among guest chefs and food industry notables with their monthly guest chef special sandwiches. They keep a tally of the most successful sandwich offerings, and participants tend to egg each other on via Twitter to talk smack and get customers to buy more sandwiches.

The latest success story: the Kim Fil-A sandwich from chef Jonah Kim of Anju. The sandwich, which combines a crispy chicken thigh, fermented chili slaw, Muenster cheese and bacon on a potato roll, was sold to 432 customers during September. That just edges out Mandu's Danny Lee's Bulgogi Hoagie. But Nycci and David Nellis' Beast Bahn Mi still reins supreme with 525 sold. Interestingly, all three involve Asian flavors.

Sometimes, the novelty sandwiches remain on the menu after the promotion: Scott Drewno's sandwich is still on there, and Isabella tells Eater he'll be keeping the Kim-Fil-A on for the near future. They are also sometimes sold at Nats Ballpark.

Up for October? A Buffalo Chicken Burger from Carla Hall (customers can also buy her cookies at the register). Will she break the Asian flavor streak? Time will tell.