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Pay with OpenTable Launches Today in DC

The mobile payment app already has a presence in New York and San Francisco.

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

D.C. diners will be able to pay their bills through an OpenTable app at a select number of D.C. restaurants, starting today.

OpenTable launches its mobile payments service today in D.C. So far, 20 restaurants have signed on for the service, including such places as Del Campo, Jaleo Crystal City, Teddy & the Bully Bar and Roofers Union. Customers who use the app can pay before they dine, which is supposed to eliminate any hassle around people fighting over the check when it comes.

The Pay with OpenTable service has already launched in such cities as San Francisco and New York — about 20 cities will have it by year's end. OpenTable converted its existing platform to allow for mobile payments, and also has a relationship with Apple. Other competitors such as Cover are trying to get into the restaurant mobile payment game as well.

OpenTable put up a video explaining/advertising the service today.