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Jeremiah Langhorne's Restaurant, The Dabney, Will Open in Blagden Alley

The former McCrady's chef has signed a lease.

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

It's official. Jeremiah Langhorne's D.C. restaurant should become a reality. Tim Carman reports the former McCrady's chef, who has been eying the city for some time, has signed a lease for a location in Blagden Alley in Shaw. From the article:

Whether by fate or by obstinacy, the partners got their wish: On Oct. 14, Langhorne and Zink officially sealed a deal with Douglas Development to lease a Blagden Alley space behind a trio of rowhouses on Ninth Street NW. Actually, their space is still an Erector set of steel beams, located on a patch of dirt where an old brick structure once sat. Douglas is expected to complete construction and turn over an empty shell to the first-time restaurateurs by the end of November, and Langhorne hopes to open his 70-seat restaurant by late spring. He plans to call the place the Dabney.

The Post is profiling the restaurant from idea to execution. Edit Lab at Streetsense will design the space for the chef.