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"Brining is so yesterday!" The 9 Best José-isms From José Andrés' Chat Today

The chef sat in on the Post's chat today, and couldn't help but be quotable.

Jose Andres
Jose Andres
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

In honor of his soon-to-open restaurant, Beefsteak, chef José Andrés sat in on The Washington Post's food chat today. There was some news (if the restaurant does well, expect locations in New York; the vegetables will be cooked right in front of diners; faux meat isn't happening there), but mostly it was just fun. Here are the best lines; for actual context, head to WaPo.

"Brining is so yesterday! I like to put my chickens in a bath of wine and get them drunk."

"I'm just watching the First Lady dancing with a turnip! its amazing!"

"I've been saying it for years, vegetables are sexy!"

"You should find a new father! I joke.."

"I don't eat vegetables I can't pronounce...."

"Your in laws are the result of thousands of years of human evolution."

"I am so proud of what those boys at Sweetgreen have done. It takes boldness and courage to open a fast casual [restaurant]."

"We don't want you filling up with bread. You can do that home."

"I know for a fact that venison are vegetarian...."