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Airport Dining Improvements; Virginia Star Chefs Dinner

Virginia chefs come together and Green Hat marks an anniversary in EaterWire.

Trummers on Main
Trummers on Main
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

AIRPORT DINING— This week's Young & Hungry column takes a look at the influx of local dining options at the area airports. It can be a business lesson for those restaurants first getting into the game. [WCP]

CLIFTON— Six big name Virginia chefs are coming together for a special dinner at Trummer's on Main (those same chefs cooked together recently at the James Beard House). On the docket: Bertrand Chemel and Caitlin Dysart of 2941, David Dunlap of Ashby Inn, Stefan Trummer of Trummer's and Dylan Fultineer of Rappahannock, Tim Ma of Maple Ave. The event is October 9 and costs $175. [EaterWire]

ATLAS DISTRICT— New Columbia Distillers will mark their 2nd anniversary at Boundary Road next week. Next Wednesday, the bar will serve a number of Green Hat cocktails that have appeared on the menu over the years. [EaterWire]