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Barrel's The Jabroni Features What's Essentially House-Made Fireball

The bar made its own cinnamon whiskey for their Eater special.

The Jabroni at Barrel.
The Jabroni at Barrel.
R. Lopez
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.
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Drinkers who like Fireball or even drink it ironically should give Barrel's Cocktail Week special.

The cheekily-named Jabroni is made from Aviation gin, Shots Fired (their homemade cinnamon whiskey) and Regan's orange bitters. Find it all week for $12.

This is how bartender Parker Girard explains the drink. "I knew I wanted to do a Negroni, but slow nights with thirsty staff members are the perfect time for some cocktail R&D, so I knew we had to do something off the wall. In thinking about the bitter/dry/sweet triumvirate, I knew I wanted to use Cynar. The Aviation just made sense from a quality standpoint, and we were excited to give it a home on our menu. As for the sweetness element, our housemade cinnamon-spiced whiskey (produced by our very own Kody Seigel) just made sense. It's just as herbal as sweet vermouth would have been, with some exotic notes (such as clove, juniper, and Thai chiles) shining through. It's a playful mix of high brow and low brow, an unpretentious and playful take on one of the most pretentious cocktails in the game, and we can't think of a better cocktail to embody what we're trying to do here."

Making the Jabroni. / Photo by R. Lopez


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