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Want to Create an Eater Reader-Approved Restaurant? Here's the Checklist

Readers shared their restaurant wish lists.

Rose's Luxury
Rose's Luxury
R. Lopez
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Eater asked this question on the forums the other day: "More restaurants should have...." Readers filled in the blanks and responses ranged from specific types of charcuterie to a basic need for purse hooks at the bar.

Interested in opening a reader-approved restaurant? Here's the punchlist:

*Sound absorption measures
*Purse hooks under the bar
*Nice bathrooms for men and women (with such touches as bobby pins or cologne)
*Non-boring vegan options
*Rabbit on the menu
*A piano player
*Menu slots (another item in the "all restaurants should just be Rose's Luxury" category
*Wet naps
*A "no hat" policy for men
*Foie gras (have to balance out the vegan options, presumably)
*Comfortable chairs
*Dinners with producers (meat purveyors, etc.)
*Online reservations
*Affordable cocktails ($8 or lower, ideally)
*Coat check
*A no-cell phone policy (Eater suspects this is not a universal desire, though)
*Regulated wi-fi/laptop users, ideally at one communal table

Keep these in mind, would-be restaurateurs.