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Want to Create an Eater Reader-Approved Restaurant? Here's the Checklist

Readers shared their restaurant wish lists.

Rose's Luxury
Rose's Luxury
R. Lopez

Eater asked this question on the forums the other day: "More restaurants should have...." Readers filled in the blanks and responses ranged from specific types of charcuterie to a basic need for purse hooks at the bar.

Interested in opening a reader-approved restaurant? Here's the punchlist:

*Sound absorption measures
*Purse hooks under the bar
*Nice bathrooms for men and women (with such touches as bobby pins or cologne)
*Non-boring vegan options
*Rabbit on the menu
*A piano player
*Menu slots (another item in the "all restaurants should just be Rose's Luxury" category
*Wet naps
*A "no hat" policy for men
*Foie gras (have to balance out the vegan options, presumably)
*Comfortable chairs
*Dinners with producers (meat purveyors, etc.)
*Online reservations
*Affordable cocktails ($8 or lower, ideally)
*Coat check
*A no-cell phone policy (Eater suspects this is not a universal desire, though)
*Regulated wi-fi/laptop users, ideally at one communal table

Keep these in mind, would-be restaurateurs.

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