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Piter and Handry Tjan IN at Sushiko

The brothers both used to work for the sushi restaurant, and now are back in charge.

Sushiko nigiri.
Sushiko nigiri.
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Brothers Piter and Handry Tjan are back running the kitchen at Sushiko.

Piter Tjan used to be the restaurant's head chef in 2008, while Handry Tjan served as sous chef under him. Both ended up going their separate ways (Piter to Uchi in Texas and Handry to Thai Pavilion at National Harbor). Now are both back in the kitchen at the Friendship Heights restaurant

New to the restaurant: a three-course prix fixe lunch special. For $23.50, diners can choose a first course (soup or salad), appetizer and choice of sushi options or entree. The deal is available daily.