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What Happens When You Order an Old Fashioned at The Pug

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Eater writers have been visiting the city's dive bars, ordering fancy drinks and getting mocked for it, all in the name of journalism.

The Pug
The Pug

7:30 p.m. on a Wednesday night:

Tim: "Can I get an Old Fashioned?"

Bartender (Russell de Leon): "Absolutely not."

Tim: "Can you make me something similar?"

Bartender: "No."

Then this happened, courtesy of a random stranger at the bar. Yes, I was publicly shamed on Twitter for my order.

What I ordered instead: DC Brau's The Corruption, followed by a Commonwealth Gin and ginger.

Bonus fact: Click on "speciality cocktails" on The Pug's website... and you'll be redirected to Cosmo.