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What Happens When You Order a Tom Collins at Ivy & Coney

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Eater writers have been visiting the city's dive bars, ordering fancy drinks and getting mocked for it, all in the name of journalism.

Ivy & Coney
Ivy & Coney

So this didn't go so well. I was at Ivy & Coney with my partner Francisco and another friend. They both ordered beers (312 I believe), and the bartender looked at me, and I ordered a Tom Collins. The bartender let out a long sigh and was visibly annoyed and said, "Just to let you know, my limes aren't that good." I think he was trying to dissuade me from ordering it. I replied, "I'll take whatever you got."

He spent all of thirty seconds making a supposed Tom Collins. My cocktail was a watery mess with old limes (we're talking about brown rinds), and the bartender was definitely not a friend of ours for the duration of the afternoon. I definitely started off on a bad foot with the cocktail order. But I still like the hot dogs there.