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Adam Bernbach's 'Leaving Home' Stays Away from Fall Cliches

A tequila-based drink is Eater's final Cocktail Week special.

Adam Bernbach at 2 Birds 1 Stone.
Adam Bernbach at 2 Birds 1 Stone.
R. Lopez
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.
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Eater's final Cocktail Week special can be found at 2 Birds 1 Stone in Logan Circle. Order the Leaving Home. It combines reposado tequila, Gentiane Aperitif and celery cordial. It's $14.

"I was looking to make a fall cocktail that played up tequila's herbaceous qualities and wasn't overtly 'fall-spiced,'" said bar director Adam Bernbach. "The drink uses ingredients that have the warm earthiness of fall without using anything that could be immediately pigeon-holed as 'fall.'"

Leaving Home

Leaving Home at 2 Birds 1 Stone / Photo by R. Lopez