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Report: DC Diners Are Victims of 'Shrimp Fraud'

Oceana says about a third of shrimp in the D.C. market are misrepresented on restaurant menus and in stores.

Is that Gulf shrimp? Maybe, maybe not.
Is that Gulf shrimp? Maybe, maybe not.
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Order a lot of shrimp in D.C. restaurants? Chances are, you might have been a victim of shrimp fraud.

That's what a report from consumer watchdog group Oceana alleges. It looks at the issue nationally and says about 33 percent of shrimp the group did DNA testing on in D.C. was misrepresented in some way. That means the shrimp was mislabeled (perhaps as a different species), or had a misleading claim (like a farmed shrimp being called "Gulf." Sometimes, restaurants or stores offered a mix of shrimp without indicating as much.

D.C. wasn't alone — the problem was found in most states, with New York having the most problems, with 43 percent of shrimp misrepresented in some way.

Update: The American Shrimp Processors Association responded here.