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Chocolate Crust Bakery in Jeopardy

The owner says on a neighborhood listserve that the "future is very uncertain".

A Chocolate Crust "Doissant."
A Chocolate Crust "Doissant."
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Things aren't looking great for Chocolate Crust Bakery in Brightwood. The owner posted on a neighborhood listserve (via PoPville) that the future of the bakery is in jeopardy due to low sales.

Chef Robert Cabeca says he's looking for input on what they can do better. He asks, "What food products would provoke you and at what prices, and would you be interested in additional services such delivery, later hours or even classes?"

Chocolate Crust opened in March of last year, serving up such dishes as chocolate pizza. The bakery spawned the city's first cronut copycat, the "doissant."