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Sisters Thai is Coming to Mosaic

The restaurant joins other soon-to-come eateries like DGS Delicatessen and Brine.

Sisters in Fairfax
Sisters in Fairfax
Facebook/Studio Diana
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Looks like a Fairfax-based Thai restaurant is expanding to Mosaic District.

Sisters Thai is listed on the Mosaic District development's website as "coming soon." There is another Sisters Thai location in Fairfax. No timeline for the opening was given; Eater has reached out to the Fairfax location for any further details.

Sisters will join other soon-to-come restaurants at Mosaic including a DGS Delicatessen and Brine from Travis Croxton.

Update: A rep for Sisters says they hope to open in April 2015, and will be located right next to Brine. They're waiting on a building permit, and plan to design the restaurant with a homey ambiance similar to the Fairfax location.