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Someone is Selling Hot Dogs Out of the Freddy's BBQ Joint Building From 'House of Cards'

Eventually, they may sell barbecue.

Is someone selling food out of the building that stood in for Freddy's BBQ Joint on the hit Netflix show "House of Cards"? The restaurant from the series is totally fictional, and "House of Cards" producers just used the space for filming. But the Baltimore Sun's Justin Fenton posted an interesting tweet yesterday saying that the building is "being fixed up, serving outside in the meantime." Someone is apparently operating there from 1-10 p.m.

Update: Eater DC spoke with Mahmut Nazli, the owner of the Baltimore storefront which stood in for Freddy's BBQ on House of Cards. Nazli confirmed that he is still the owner of the building and that he is renting the space out. According to Nazli, his tenants want to open a restaurant and carryout and eventually hope to serve barbecue in the Freddy's space. But for now, they are currently selling hot dogs.

The building is located at 2601 Greenmount Avenue in Baltimore, and the Baltimore Sun reported back in March of this year that the vacant storefront was for sale (it does not appear to have been sold, though). According to the Sun, the building was once a fried chicken restaurant, a book store and a community center in previous iterations.