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Alton Brown Finds Some Good Eats in D.C.

Which restaurants did the author and TV personality visit in Washington on Sunday? Twitter-stalking the Food Network star.

Ben's Chili Bowl/Facebook

Alton Brown played the Warner Theatre yesterday for two showings of his "Alton Brown Live! The Edible Inevitable Tour", and in one day, he did a nice little food tour of Washington. Let's start with breakfast. Brown stopped in at new designer donut shop District Doughnut in Capitol Hill.

He also visited Ben's Chili Bowl, because that's what visiting celebs do. And Ben's Chili Bowl posted the photo opp as well on their Facebook.

Then in the afternoon, Brown crowdsourced where to go for a late Sunday dinner:

Suggestions poured in: Rasika, Old Ebbitt Grill, Red Hen, 2Amys, Rose's Luxury, Pizza Paradiso, The Hamilton, Founding Farmers, Busboys & Poets and Zaytina. Someone suggested Oyamel, and Oyamel tweeted at Brown encouraging him to stop by. And so he did.