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Mary Todd Lincoln Gets Her Own Cocktail at McClellan's Retreat

The replacement to Veritas is filled with historical touches.

McClellan's Retreat
McClellan's Retreat
Scott Suchman/Official
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Sidle up to the new-but-looks-old wooden bar at McClellan's Retreat, and the drink choices will range from classics like the sazerac and negroni to historically-themed new cocktails like the Mary Todd and the Bull Run.

The replacement to Veritas weaves history throughout its small space, whether it be the sconces lighting the place, the Civil War-era photos or old drink recipes like the sherry cobbler. The interior, with flannel booth seats and a detailed ceiling, was designed by Molly Allen. Named for general George B. McClellan, the bar from Matt Weiss and Joe Englert aims to be a neighborhood spot to drink and snack.

All the extra touches that go into the cocktails, from a saffron tincture to a quince syrup, are made by the bartenders. The Mary Todd, for example, includes white and Jamaican rum, ginger, a housemade butternut squash mixture and homemade grenadine. A small snacks menu will feature choices like charcuterie, nuts and mini-quiches. McClellan's Retreat is scheduled for a soft opening Wednesday.

McClellan's Retreat

2031 Florida Ave NW