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BlackSalt is Prepping 1,100 Pounds of Turkey, 2,000 Oysters for Thanksgiving

The Palisades restaurant is a neighborhood destination for the holidays.

R. Lopez

When people in Palisades don't want to cook for Thanksgiving, they turn to BlackSalt. It may be a seafood restaurant, but the restaurant can still deliver turkey — along with shrimp cocktail, pies and more — to those looking for a hassle-free holiday. The team at BlackSalt shared some facts and figures about what they're up to this year, given orders placed so far. Last year was their busiest year yet, and this year is shaping up to be about the same. Their full catering menu is here.

2,000: Oysters they'll shuck and sell.

1,100: Pounds of turkey they'll sell from 75 turkeys. About 50 of those will be brined and trussed for the customers.

500: Biscuits baked.

300: Pounds of shrimp they'll peel and devein for shrimp cocktail.

250: Cookies baked.

150: Quarts of gravy made from scratch.

100: Pies baked.

70: Quarts of stuffing made.

10: Pounds of brittle sold for dessert.


4883 Macarthur Boulevard NW, Washington, DC 20007 202 342 9101

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