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Someone Actually Finished Sprig and Sprout's Giant Bowl of Pho

He's the first person to do it, so he gets a prize.

Wilson Hoo finishing his pho.
Wilson Hoo finishing his pho.
Sprig and Sprout
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Two pounds of meat, two pounds of noodles, a pound of veggies and three quarts of broth. Wilson Hoo can handle it.

The visiting tourist from Canada is the first person to complete Sprig and Sprout's Pho Challenge. He downed a giant bowl of pho at the restaurant in 30 minutes and 41 seconds.

Wilson Hoo at Sprig and Sprout.

Because he's the first person to complete the challenge, Hoo won $100 in TryCaviar credits. All winners get his or her name on a plaque and photos on the restaurant's website. Others have tried and failed; owner Jen Hoang is eager to see a D.C. local complete the challenge next.

Sprig & Sprout

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