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Make Plan B Your First Burger Bet

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The burger joint opens in the District today.

Plan B Burger
Plan B Burger

Plan B Burger Bar, the self-proclaimed "alternative to the microwave industry" is now open in D.C., its first location in the Mid-Atlantic. The mini-chain already operates several locations in New England — five in Connecticut, one in Mass.

Though marketed as a burger place (and there are plenty of those on the menu, and with inventive toppings) there are also options for alternative eaters — think lobster mac & cheese, an eggplant sandwich for vegetarians and burgers served "in the grass," or atop a bed of iceberg. Gluten-free options abound, too. Also of note: appetizers are significantly more exciting than the average, what with a baked brie plate and Beef Wellington bites (baked in a puff pastry, natch.) The drink menu isn't an afterthought — Plan B specializes in bourbon (dozens of selections) and features a hearty bottled beer menu. Status: Certified Open. 801 Pennsylvania Ave. NW; website