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Yes, Celebrity Delly Serves a Heisen-Burger

"Breaking Bad" provided the inspiration for the Falls Church deli's sandwich.

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Given the obvious pun potential, it isn't surprising that a D.C. area restaurant got around to creating a Heisen-burger, inspired by "Breaking Bad."

Celebrity Delly in Falls Church serves the creation as an off-menu item, a spokesperson tells Eater. It's a half pound Celebrity recipe ground chuck patty, two slices of Canadian bacon, Bleu cheese crumbles (reminiscent of the blue meth in the show) and honey barbecue sauce. It's served with slaw and fries.

The deli, which has an active, funny presence on social media, recently posted about the burger on Facebook. The first few days they offered the burger, they were selling about 20 per day; now it's dropped off to about ten per day.

Celebrity Delly

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