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A Peek Inside the Second Annual 'Jewish Christmas' at DGS

Tim Carman previews the holiday mash-up meal.

Over on Going Out Guide, Tim Carman previews the upcoming "Jewish Christmas" event at DGS, a religious-holiday mash-up event that brings together DC chefs like Tim Ma (of Water & Wall) and Erik Bruner-Yang (of Toki Underground.) The point of the dinner is to put a Chinese-American spin on Christmas — playing to the traditional destination of Jewish diners on Dec. 25. Dishes for this meal include things like kung pao pastrami, egg drop soup and Chinese spare ribs. The meal takes place not on Christmas day (a bone for the kitchen staff) but on December 23. Dinner is $45, with a $20 add-on for drink pairings (including a gussied-up Mai Tai.) [WaPo]