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DC's Water Advisory Means Drama for Shaw Restaurants (Updated)

Petroleum contamination in the drinking water in areas of Logan Circle and Shaw is causing havoc for some local spots.

Water delivery for Right Proper Brewing Company
Water delivery for Right Proper Brewing Company
Courtesy of Right Proper Brewing Company

Right Proper Brewing Company is not going to let D.C. Water's advisory warning against drinking the water in parts of Logan Circle and Shaw neighborhood ruin their Friday night. The owners of the restaurant spent $2,500 out of pocket to buy bottled water, ice and plastic cutlery and dishes in order to keep service going.

"It’s a Friday night, we can’t afford to close. It’s one of those revenue days that we really count on to make the numbers work," Right Proper's Thor Cheston told Eater. And staying open means using all bottled water as well as disposable plates and utensils since they can't use water to wash the dishes. "We’re taking every single precaution that we possibly can," Cheston said.

Residents in part of Logan Circle and Shaw neighborhoods have been without drinkable water for more than 24 hours. The Post reported that D.C. Water expanded the boundaries on Thursday evening of the do-not-drink advisory. Some tests came back positive for petroleum in the water in the affected area, and residents are advised not to drink  the water or bathe in it.

"It's a big pain in the ass," Cheston said. But for him, the thing that's most concerning is that D.C. doesn't know the source of the contamination and thus there is no timeline for when the water will be safe to drink.

Shaw Tavern posted on Facebook: "We have contacted DC water and they said we are on the edge of the zone that has been affected. To be safe we are using bottled water for cooking and drinking. We will be opening at noon."

Bistro Bohem posted on Facebook that they were closed yesterday and their coffee shop, Kafe Bohem is closed today. A Facebook post reads: "The Kafe is closed today due to water contamination in the area. Please check back for future updates. Thank you."

Eater spoke with Uprising Muffin Co. owner Donnie Simpson, who couldn't serve coffee yesterday due to the water advisory, but could today, thanks to bottles of spring water and a coffee machine brought from home. Luckily, the muffin recipes don't require water.

UPDATE: DC Water announced this afternoon at 3:41 p.m. that the advisory has been lifted.