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Taylor Gourmet and Gordy's Pickles Team Up for a Hoagie

The sandwich features their hot Italian peppers.

Gordy's Boulevard hoagie.
Gordy's Boulevard hoagie.
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Local pickle company Gordy's is teaming up with Taylor Gourmet on a new, spicy sandwich.

The Gordy's Boulevard Hoagie is on the menu for the month of December. It is on a sesame roll and features cherry pepper garlic sauce, pepperoni, peppered ham, fresh mozzarella, Gordy's hot Italian peppers, lettuce and olive oil. A regular is $7.49 and a large is $10.49.

Gordy's has a history of partnering with local restaurants. For example, Shake Shack fried up Gordy's pickles and served them on a hot dog.

Meanwhile, here's a tidbit for Taylor fans; they're also giving away a trip to Italy.