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CQ Roll Call Publishes 'Nom, Nom, Nom-nibus,' A New Dining Guide to Capitol Hill

Penned by food writer Warren Rojas, the eBook is geared toward the congressional community — for everyone from interns who just want to grab a quick bite to senior-level professionals who want to impress their boss.

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CQ Roll Call released an inaugural dining guide this month, an eBook called Nom, Nom, Nom-nibus: Allocating Your Dining Dollars, a Capitol Hill Guide. Available on Amazon for $2.99, the Capitol Hill dining guide by CQ Roll Call food writer Warren Rojas features exclusive reviews. It's also designed like a menu, with sections devoted to different categories like sips, snacks, splurges, specials and sweets.

Why go the eBook route? Rojas told Eater that CQ Roll Call released an similar publication this summer that was well-received, and the publication decided to go with that format again, this time with food coverage.

The decision to focus just on the Capitol Hill region was a given, considering the audience. Rojas noted that when folks on the Hill are working from 8 a.m. to midnight, they probably aren't going to trudge 45 minute to some hip bar neighborhoods away. Instead, they want to know where to eat close by. "The majority of it is here, in and around Capitol Hill. This is where they work and play," Rojas said. "It's very much is its own little world."