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Imagine D.C. Without Expense Accounts; 'Bloodied' Waiters Protest Foie Gras on H Street

P.F. Chang's will close at White Flint Mall, Gamasot in Springfield looks closed, a fast-casual pizza time trial and why some restaurants didn't make Washingtonian's top 100 list.

SPITBALLIN'—Chowhound posters dare to imagine a D.C. without expense account diners, and then name which restaurants would be the first to close in this alternate universe. [CH]

ATLAS DISTRICT—PETA is staging a rally tomorrow at 1 p.m. in front of Boundary Road to protest H Street’s Foie La La competition, Washingtonian reports. It will be high on spectacle, with three PETA members dressed as "waiters" wearing painted red "bloody" aprons while serving "dead ducks" on silver platters. Foie La La founder Brad Walker of Boundary Road told Washingtonian that the event will continue. [Washingtonian]

ROCKVILLE—The P.F. Chang's at White Flint Mall will close on January 4. Bethesda magazine reports that the restaurant was one of two tenants left in the mall, which is slated for redevelopment. A spokeswoman for P.F. Chang encourages diners to visit the Chevy Chase location of the chain. [Bethesda]

PIZZA WIRE—Stopwatch in hand, the Washington Post Express visits &pizza, DC Pizza and Custom Fuel to see which fast-casual pizza place is the quickest. [WaPo]

SPRINGFIELD–Over at Korean restaurant Gamasot, Don Rockwell's readers report that closing signs are taped to the door and the windows are papered over. [DR]

FOOD MEDIA—Wondering about a few notable omissions in Washingtonian's Best 100 Restaurants list this year? The magazine calls out exactly why high-profile restaurant 1789, The Source, Vidalia and Blue Duck Tavern fell off the 2014 list. [Washingtonian]