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Reindeer Kebabs, Marriott Launching Restaurant Icubator Competition

Plus the D.C. ID is apparently no good in California.

Marriott Official

GEORGETOWN—Thunder Burger & Bar is taking a decidedly sinister take on Christmas, serving kebabs with marinated Alaskan reindeer meat. Yep, the exotic meat emporium went there. [UrbanDaddy]

BETHESDA-ISH—The Marriott hotel company — which is based in Bethesda — is launching a new restaurant incubator competition called Canvas, reports Washington Business Journal. It's an effort to get a little more hip, though sadly for now it focused on places outside the District. [WBJ]

TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION—A D.C. resident was unable to use their ID at a California Trader Joe's location. The reason? TJ's said they don't take non-US identification cards. [POPville]