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Local Pinkberry Files for Bankruptcy; Food News Board Game

Plus a new Family Meal.


FROYO FOLLIES—Pinkberry Mid-Atlantic LLC has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, reports Washington Business Journal. The LLC operates stores in several locations in D.C. proper and beyond. It's unclear what exactly will happen to those locations as a result of the bankruptcy filing, but they remain open for now. [WBJ]

FUN & GAMES—The Washington Post Express has put together a convenient little game to help readers catch back up on the biggest food news stories of 2014: a board game. Covered stories include cat cafes, Momofuku and the theft of the Popped! Republic truck (among many others.) [WaPo Express]

BALTIMORE—Bryan Voltaggio's newest restaurant opens on Friday in Baltimore, reports Baltimore City Paper. The latest location of Family Meal was supposed to open in the middle of January, but has since moved up to Jan. 2 for lunch and dinner, Jan. 5 for breakfast. [Baltimore City Paper]