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Food Trends for 2015; Supper Club Roundup

Plus, a look at the people who shoot food porn pics for restaurants.

Sorry, kale salad. You're on the way out.
Sorry, kale salad. You're on the way out.
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

TREND WATCH Nation Restaurant News is back with its annual survey of restaurant trends across the country. Specialty iced tea is IN and kale salads are losing steam. [NRN]

MULTIPLE LOCATIONS The Washington Post has a good round-up of several of the new supper club and special dinners around town, from Bread Feast to Feastly. D.C. diners just love anything with an air of exclusivity, the article says. [WaPo]

FOOD MEDIA— Yes, people get paid to run restaurants' Instagram accounts and shoot food porn pics all day. Washington City Paper talks to the people who do it. [WCP]