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Got $2,500? See How Sushi and Red Burgundy Go Together at the Salamander

Sushiko owner Daisuke Utagawa is passionate about the pairing.

The Salamander.
The Salamander.
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Sushiko and Daikaya owner Daisuke Utagawa has been passionate about the pairing of Red Burgundy wine and sushi for more than a decade. He even traveled to France and Tokyo years ago to convince sushi chefs and French winemakers of his stance back when the pairing was unheard of in culinary circles (most famously at a wine dinner at Burgundy wine broker Becky Wasserman's Burgundy farmhouse in France more than ten years ago).

In February, he'll get the chance to convince big spenders how well the two go together. Utagawa is hosting a Sushi & Red Burgundy Wine Dinner at the Salamander Farm in Middleburg on Friday, Feb. 6. The Salamander's beverage director Jason Cotton, as well as Wasserman's wine company, will partner with Utagawa on the dinner, the first one Utagawa has done for a public audience.

It'll come at a hefty price — $2,500 per person, inclusive — for the experience, and will include seven courses. Reservations are required.