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Foie-diculous Dishes in DC

Photo: R. Lopez

Foie gras is one of those truly decadent ingredients, like caviar, lobster and truffles. It isn't cheap or easy to find. But some restaurants and chefs are making it easier for diners to indulge in a bit of foie gras by adding it in some unexpected places. One combines the childhood favorite peanut butter and jelly with foie gras. Another uses it in a Thai curry. Foie gras waffles and French toast are finding their way on area breakfast and dessert menus. It's a fine line between decadent and ridiculous, but these chefs are walking that line.

On H Street, diners can binge on a PB & J that's been taken to a new level at Boundary Road ($16). The restaurant's homemade peanut butter is used for this childhood favorite, which is turned into a more adult treat by adding some foie gras to the sandwich.

Also on the sandwich front, Georgetown's Thunderburger has an array of toppings for burger lovers to add to their meaty creations. But in a category all its own, for $5, diners can add seared Hudson Valley foie gras and make a truly decadent burger.

Scrambled eggs may seem pretty basic. But Estadio goes way beyond the basic with its foie gras scrambled eggs ($13). And the decadence doesn't end there because the restaurant adds some black truffle butter to make this dish over-the-top.

Estadio's sister restaurant Proof is not to be left out of the foie discussion. Proof makes foie gras into almost a dessert by combining it with sweet cherry short cake, cocoa nibs, bing cherry jus, and pistachios. All for $19.

And the unlikely pairing of foie gras and French toast is included on more than one menu. At Dupont's Firefly, foie gras isn't regularly on the menu, but for Valentine's Day, diners can enjoy it with brioche French toast for $19. And Mt. Vernon's City Tap House has a foie gras French toast appetizer for $21.

Restaurants are creating some unusual combinations when working with foie gras. Mt. Vernon's Blagden Alley is home to Rogue 24, and the restaurant is always changing up its menu. At various times, the restaurant had strawberries with shaved foie gras, foie gras consume with ice lettuce, and a foie gras lollipop with apple cider. Downtown's Plume has a dish with foie gras and Greek yogurt, but its more unusual spin adds foie gras to its Thai Curry Moulard Duck.

At Bart Vandaele's Belga Cafe, foie de canard is combined with dried apricots and a brioche waffle — it is a Belgian restaurant after all — for $16. Also serving up a "foieffle" is Barmini, which serves the creative snack food with peanut butter and honey.

Vandaele's other Belgian spot, B Too in Logan Circle, doesn't shy away from the foie gras with its Terrine Van Ganzenlever ($16), which has a foie gras lollypop (that restaurant's more traditional take on foie stuffs it into a quail).

And Alba Osteria takes the love of foie gras to the logical extreme. For $12, patrons can add duck foie gras to any dish. That means the restaurant's pastas, pizzas, and even (theoretically) soups can be adorned with foie gras. This way diners are in complete control of their foie gras limits.
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