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These Restaurant Phrases Drive Readers Crazy

Some readers are tired of hearing "farm to table".
Some readers are tired of hearing "farm to table".
Photo: R. Lopez
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Last week's Open Thread asked Eater readers, "Which Restaurant-Related Phrase Could You Do Without Ever Hearing Again?" Readers had plenty to say on the subject, whether chiming in on the post, Twitter or through the tipline. Some phrases got several nods, like "farm-to-table," "locally sourced," "sustainable" (we're sensing a theme) and "small plates." Others were particular pet peeves of a single reader. Here's the rundown on what no one wants to hear restaurants say, along with some reader commentary and ranting.

· "Small plates."
· "Small plates are meant to be shared."
· "The Chef recommends 5-10 small plates per person." This will result in an unfortunately expensive bill and please remember that you still won't be full as these are small plates. Thank you and please order another.
· "All-Natural." Mercury is a naturally occurring metal, so is arsenic. Fat and cholesterol occur naturally. Being "all-natural" doesn't guarantee "healthy."
· "Sit anywhere."
· "Locally sourced." If you use the term to attract customers, shouldn't you also expect to see a listing of the sources?
· ""Curated" menu. Should I be expecting an exhibition of food?
· "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service"
· While menus that have overly wordy menu item descriptions are off-putting, conversely menus that soley list a few ingredients with no mention of what is done with those ingredients is (no pun intended) a recipe for disaster for the guest. Think:
"vegetable | herb| seasoning."
· "A gift from the chef" — while delivering lavender marshmallows. Leave the marshmallows to the s'mores and the gifts to the lovers.
· Waiters that say "How are 'we' tonight?"
· "Sustainable."
· "Sliders."
· "Flights of [ ---- ]"
· Any reviewer who uses "helm" as a verb — as in "Ms. Glutz is helming the new Austro-Tahitian eatery" — should be thrashed.
· "May I get these out of your way?"
· Anything with "craft" or "crafted." Nobody wants to eat at This Old f%^king House.
·  The "better burger concept" is particular pet peeve. Just feed me burgers already.
· "Is everything tasting delicious?"
· "Innovative cocktails." Everyone thinks their cocktails are innovative.
· Anytime anyone refers to a places as a "neighborhood restaurant." Yes, it's in a neighborhood.

Update: Some others are chiming in with more on Twitter, including:
· "Artisan"
· "Hen egg"
· "Gourmet burger"
· "Are you still working on that?"
· "Rustic
· I hate "dining experience." It's dinner.