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D.C.'s Obscure Memorials; The Capital Wheel Arrives

All the latest news from Curbed DC...
[Photo by Flickr user art around]

CURBED MAPS — Curbed has already highlighted thirteen of D.C.'s obscure memorials and now you can see them mapped out.

CHINATOWN — The city picked an architecture team to renovate the MLK Library and the Internet issued some strong reactions to the decision.

NATIONAL HARBOR — After a brief trip through the Chesapeake Bay the Capital Wheel arrived at National Harbor.

CURBED MAPS — Up to speed on the new developments to watch for this year? Here are ten renovations or adaptive reuse projects to keep an eye on as well.

FAIRFAX COUNTY — This county is becoming Northern Virginia's playground. A trampoline park will open next week in Springfield and a dedicated high schooler leads the opposition against a proposed paintball field in Fairfax.

CAPITOL HILL — There are actually four condos on the market in Capitol Hill/Hill East asking below $300K.

ECKINGTON VS. MT PLEASANT — Right now, the Eckington condo is on a tear in this Real Estate Death Match, but see for yourself and vote for your favorite.