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Crane & Turtle Inspired By Japanese Fable

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

A Japanese fable provided the inspiration for the name of the restaurant that the Room 11 team is bringing to 828 Upshur St. NW. The restaurant will be called Crane & Turtle; according to a statement from Paul Ruppert and the team, the story celebrates "friendship, longevity and mutual support."

Many years ago during a great flood, water covered the land and the Crane had no place to rest. The Turtle rose from the floodwaters and welcomed the Crane to rest on his back. Years later, there was a terrible drought. Seeing that the Turtle needed help, Crane lifted him up and carried him a long distance to a thriving lake. Wildly different, the Crane and Turtle became mutually supportive and enjoyed a long life as friends.

The story has personal significance to the restaurant's chef, Makoto Hammamura (also the chef behind Petworth Citizen). At birth, his mother's name was Crane and her twin sister was called Turtle, and their life-long connection has influenced his career and life.

Crane & Turtle will marry Japanese and French cooking styles. The neighborhood restaurant has room for 23 inside and 20 outside; Nick Pimentel designed the space. Expect a strong seafood emphasis, and a focus on wine, ciders and craft beer. The restaurant has been posting early construction photos on its Facebook page. They're shooting for an April opening.
· Crane & Turtle [Facebook]

Crane & Turtle [Rendering: Facebook]

Crane & Turtle

828 Upshur St. NW Washington, DC