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D.C.'s Hottest Instagram Spots; Yarn Bomb in Brookland

All the latest news from Curbed DC...
[Photo by Valerie Paschall]

COOL MAP THINGHere are spots in D.C., and in various D.C. neighborhoods that have spent the most time on Instagram.

BROOKLAND — A yarn bomb went off on the Monroe Street Bridge. Have a look.

TRINIDAD & ECKINGTON — For those on a budget who are planning a move to Northeast D.C., these are the ten least expensive properties in Trinidad and Eckington.

GEORGETOWN — The pricey Williams-Addison House went under contract at $16.8 million.

MUSEUM NEWS — The Museum of Science Fiction has found an impressive media sponsor in The Science Channel.

RENT VS. BUY — It's only 34% cheaper to buy a home in D.C. if the property is under $530K and the rent is $2100/month. Watch how that percentage changes as you play with Trulia's price calculator.

PENN QUARTER VS. GEORGETOWN — Right now on Real Estate Death Match, the Penn Quarter condo is taking a beating, but there's still time to vote.