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Olympic Cocktails, Shots and Festivities

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

METRO CENTERAstro Doughnuts has a vanilla doughnut with raspberry drizzle, blueberries and a USA drawing on it in honor of the Olympics. It costs $2.50 and is available until Feb. 23 at the restaurant or at the food truck. [EaterWire]

VARIOUS LOCATIONS— Each of Passion Food Hospitality's seven restaurants has its own Olympic-themed cocktail representing the ring symbol of the games. Drinkers can vote for their favorite on social media with the hashtag #TeamPFH and for those who try five drinks or more, there's the ability to enter a drawing for prizes. [EaterWire]

ARLINGTON— Arlington Italian restaurant Socci (the name's close to Sochi, right?) is hosting winter games on Wednesday nights. Guests can compete against each other on Winter sporting events on the Wii, enjoy drink specials and earn discounts and prizes if they wear red, white and blue. Events are planned for Feb. 12 and 19 starting at 4. [EaterWire]

GEORGETOWNThe Graham hotel's AGB Lounge is offering guests complimentary Gold Medal Shots or a glass of prosecco every time the U.S. team wins a gold medal. They also have a Sochi-themed martini that involves caviar and Russian Standard vodka. [EaterWire]

[Photo: Socci]