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Welcome to Calzone Power Hour, Starting NOW

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

It's Pizza Week here at Eater (in case that hasn't been made abundantly clear), and theme weeks mean one thing around these parts: POWER HOUR. This time around, Eater's devoting obsessive coverage for the next 60 minutes to that pizzeria staple, the calzone.

Is D.C. a calzone kind of town? Not really. But do some digging, and it's surprisingly easy to find restaurants who serve some sort of spin on the dish, even if the fillings inside might be a little nontraditional. Learn who has them and what's in them. We'll also take a little detour, as a former New York resident reminisces about a cousin to the calzone that's even tougher to find locally: the chicken roll.

Have any thoughts on where to find a decent calzone in D.C.? Send it to the tipline during power hour. It all starts NOW.
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Traditional calzone from Radius Pizza [Photo: Radius]