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Get a Deep Dish Pizza at Bar Pilar — If You're Lucky

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Bar Pilar chef Jesse Miller has been playing around with pizza lately. Each night, the chef puts together 10 deep dish pizzas and puts them up for sale for $5 each. He only has 10 pans to make the pizzas in, so supplies each night are limited to the first batch of pizza, while it lasts.

The promotion gives the chef the chance to experiment with some unique pizza flavor combinations. Some of the pies so far have included corned lamb, shallot and Cashel bleu cheese; Puttanesca pizza with boquerones, green olives, capers and sheep's milk cheese; apple-brined pork with pineapple and manchengo and this week, braised short rib pizza with green curry and goat cheese.

The promotion has been a hit so far. Miller isn't a Chicago native or anything; deep dish is simply his favorite style of pizza.
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Bar Pilar

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