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Shad vs. Shad Roe; Bao Bar at Asia Nine

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

THE CRITICS— In his weekly chat, Todd Kliman says he would like to see more chefs cooking with actual shad rather than merely the popular shad roe. Some chefs argue that cooking with the actual fish can get ugly, presentation-wise. "I understand that argument, but this is, as we've just been talking about, the age of offal, of turning not-great-looking things into delicious and attractive things. Why not a shad rillette? Why not a shad stew? Why not a shad pot pie?" [Washingtonian]

FOOD TRUCKS— Public service announcement for Chick-fil-A fans. The restaurant's mobile food truck is now serving waffle fries. [Twitter]

PENN QUARTERAsian Nine is adding a Bao Bar to its offerings. The restaurant's sushi bar will offer three types of the steamed bun for $8 each. Currently, they're offering chicken teriyaki Bao, crispy fish Bao and braised five spice pork bao. [EaterWire]

COLLEGE PARK— Head to Fishnet for a "taste of spring" on April 6. The restaurant is hosting a fundraising event featuring drinks and seafood appetizers. [EaterWire]

Asia Nine

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