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Cake Pop Shop Coming; Domku's Beer Boycott

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

VIENNA— A new cake pop shop may be headed to Vienna. Custom Cake Bites tells Eater they're in the permit and design phase, and are coming to a location near Maple Ave. Restaurant. [Twitter]

PENN QUARTERPoste is hosting a Devil's Backbone beer dinner on Thursday. Chef Dennis Marron has a six course menu that he's paired with various pours from the brewery. Tickets are $75. [EaterWire]

A MOVEABLE TWEET— "Think of Arby's but with real meat." That's what @NoWayJoseAndres has to say about his real-life equivalent's fast food plans. [Twitter]

PETWORTH— Eastern European restaurant Domku is planning to boycott Russian beer due to the conflict in the Ukraine. That means Baltika is off the menu for now; owner Kera Carpenter also took it off during the 2008 invasion of Georgia, according to the Washington Post. "I've got nothing against Russia the country or Russian people," Carpenter tells Maura Judkis, "but sometimes their leaders act like real [jerks]." [WaPo]

[Photo: Poste]

Poste Moderne Brasserie

555 8th Street NW, Washington DC, DC 20004 Visit Website

Domku Bar & Cafe

821 Upshur St NW, Washington, DC 20011 202-722-7475