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The Red Hen Gives its Wine List a Seasonal Refresh

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Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

It isn't uncommon for people to, say, drink gin rather than bourbon or switch from red wine to white during the warmer months. Red Hen co-owner and wine director Sebastian Zutant wanted his restaurant's wine list to reflect that kind of philosophy and flexibility.

"It was a goal of mine when I opened this restaurant to have a seasonal wine list to complement the seasonal menu," he told Eater. For the past year, he has sporadically been adjusting The Red Hen's drink offerings to reflect the weather, and decided to make more of a project out of the affair for this spring. His revamped wine list will debut in the next two weeks or so.

When Red Hen opened, about 85 percent of the wine sold was white, he said. Zutant (frequently a white drinker himself) will add more Rieslings and affordable rose wines to the mix. Some specific additions include an Opera Lambrusco, a Verso Negro Amaro Blend, a Marco Di Bartoli Catarratto and a Perazzeta SuperTuscan.

The restaurant's cocktail offerings will shift as well. Zutant will offer some sort of deal on Aperol spritzers (he's still deciding the specifics) and has been allowing his bartenders to assist with other new cocktail additions. "It's a democratic process," he said. He's also working on his third batch of homemade amaro.
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