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City Paper Names Rose's Luxury Best Restaurant

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Washington City Paper's Best of D.C. is here, which means a ton of superlatives for all things food-related, from best "No Bullshit Doughnut" to best "Bite for Quack Addicts." There are some less random categories, too, including Best Restaurant. This year, the honor goes to Rose's Luxury.

But the beauty of Rose's Luxury is the many little things that make you wonder "why has no one thought of this sooner?" That's what runs through my mind when I notice a container full of bobby pins in the restroom or when a server points out little cubbies under the tables to store the menus. More than that, the same forehead-smacking feeling applies to Silverman's food. Strawberry tomato pasta? Doughnuts and vanilla ice cream sprinkled with cabot cheddar cheese? You might second-guess the combinations—but not once you try them.

Meridian Pint gets multiple shout-outs, while other restaurants such as Eat the Rich are recognized in categories like "Best Brunch Dish." There are reader picks as well, with places like Rosa Mexicano getting "Best Guacamole" and Pho 14 receiving "Best Vietnamese."

Some designations are less flattering, as The Coupe learned this morning. The restaurant Tweets, "The City Paper Best Of...I guess any publicity is good publicity?" while showing an image for their runner-up award for "Best Restaurant to Bang in the Bathroom." They share it with Nellie's.
· Best of D.C. [WCP]

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