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The Brixton's Creepy Egg Hunt; Heavy Seas Starts Brunch

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

FOOD TRUCKS— A bit of a technicality here, but the mayor is looking to reintroduce criminal penalties for food truck vendors who violate regulations. Washington Business Journal reports the penalties were supposed to be in the original law, but were left out accidentally. [WBJ]

U STREETThe Brixton is appealing to the crowd that tends to associate giant bunnies with Donnie Darko. They're hosting a Creepy Easter Egg Hunt Sunday with cocktails, beer discounts, prizes and an evil-looking rabbit that's ready to pose for photos. [EaterWire]

ROSSLYN Heavy Seas Alehouse has started Sunday brunch, with dishes like a blue crab frittata and fried oyster Benedict. They'll eventually expand brunch service to Saturdays as well, according to a rep. [EaterWire]

PRICE HIKES— Uh oh, burrito eaters. Chipotle is planning to raise its prices for the first time in years. [-EN-]