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Want a Crazy Sandwich from GCDC? Go During Lunch

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Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Those who looked closely at the lunch and dinner menus for GCDC, D.C.'s grilled cheese sandwich bar, may have noticed they're quite different. The lunch menu is where those epic grilled cheeses, like the Grilled Carbonara and The Kim-Cheese Steak, can be found. The dinner menu reflects the restaurant's transition to more of a wine bar, with cheeses, cocktails and charcuterie. And not a ton of sandwiches.

It's a transition that has fooled some early diners (and Eater readers) like @AngelaKBoyd, who Tweeted yesterday, "I was excited abt @grilledcheeseDC only to go & find just 1 grilled cheese on the dinner menu! Sad, & sort of silly."

Grilled cheese fans aren't at a total loss at night, though. The restaurant has a "create your own" grilled cheese option, where diners choose their bread, cheese, vegetable, meat and sauce (and many of the unique toppings, including chorizo, fig jam and yes, kimchee) are among the choices. It's $12 for the plate, which comes with greens, a cornichon crispy tot kabob and a shot of tomato soup.
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1730 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Washington, DC