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Vespa Theft Accusations; John Shields Kickstarter

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

SHAW— The Zero Degrees Zero Minutes pop-up has a new spring menu and some new dates scheduled (April 27 and 29). Some of the menu items include squid with fava beans and rhubarb, cod with watercress and chicken skin and dandelion ice cream with tangerine and oats. [EaterWire]

LAWSUITS— Well, here's a new wrinkle in the legal troubles facing the group of D.C. bars formerly owned by Xavier Cervera. The investors in such restaurants as Hawk 'N' Dove and The Chesapeake Room are now accusing the former owner of sabotaging the bars — and stealing a vespa, according to The Wall Street Journal. [WSJ]

KICKSTARTIN— Virginia chef John Shields has a Kickstarter. This is to raise money for the new project he's working on, Riverstead, over in Chilhowie, Va. — any hopes for a D.C. project are still on hold. [Kickstarter]

[Photo: J.J. Basil and Chris Wolff of Zero Degrees Zero Minutes]