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Mice Mascot Among Stolen Items at Founding Farmers

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Thieves just can't seem to help themselves from stealing from Founding Farmers. They make off with forks, mini milk-carton shaped creamers, and mini mailbox-shaped check presenters, among other items. (Some guests take the honest route and are wiling to pay $40 for both the creamer and mailbox, a spokeswoman says). But the most frequently stolen item lately is a little mouse mascot displayed at Founding Farmers in Potomac (the mouse peeks through a little "mouse hole" in the wall). Often, the culprit is a little kid.

"The mouse gets stolen about every two months by little hands that can fit into the mouse hole," said the spokeswoman. "Some parents don't notice, and some do and don't seem to mind their that child is stealing. We keep about eight mice on hand as back up so when one leaves, we can replace it quickly." They've also taken to putting a note on the mouse to discourage theft.
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Founding Farmers

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