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Half-Smokes on Pizza; Who Needs Culinary School?

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

PETWORTH— Yes, Mothership put half-smokes on a pizza. Young & Hungry checks out the D.C.-tastic pie; it also has mumbo sauce. [WCP]

CULINARY SCHOOL WIRE— Not every chef goes to culinary school. Express profiles a few who didn't, like Jennifer Nyguen of Zentan and Bradley Curtis of Flight. [Express]

YOUNG GUNS QSR Magazine has an article on millennials shaping the food industry, and it includes the folks from &pizza, Taylor Gourmet and Sweetgreen. [QSR]

THE CRITICS— Tom Sietsema offers some tips on how to become a savvy diner. They include avoiding grasping a wine glass by the bowl, and carrying a Tide pen. [WaPo]

Mothership [Photo: Facebook]

Taylor Gourmet

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