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Indoor Meets Outdoor at the Upcoming Compass Rose

Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

Compass Rose [Photos: R. Lopez]

Restaurant owner Rose Previte, designer Martina Crivella and firm Alter Urban had three themes in mind when putting together the look for Compass Rose: street food, markets and travel.

The themes make sense, given the restaurant menu's global focus. Compass Rose is slated to open April 12 at 1346 T St. NW. The design reflects the philosophy of bringing outdoor elements inside. That means there are plenty of wood accents (including wood on the walls that gives the impression of a fence), a dramatic skylight, moss on the walls and other similar touches.

Compass Rose has a zinc bar top, impressive chandeliers and even a graffiti-inspired mural near the staircase, courtesy of local artist Chloe Rubenstein. Walking down the stairs into the addition is meant to give the feel of winding through a marketplace in somewhere like Morocco, explained Previte.

Compass Rose, which is being overseen by chef John Paul Damato, is housed in an 125-year-old building. The building was originally built by a brick maker by trade, so there is plenty of interesting-looking exposed brick throughout the restaurant as well.
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Compass Rose

1346 T St. NW Washington, DC